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GridMapper for Emergency Management

quick win Yes

GridMapper for Emergency Management

quick win Yes

Macon Five

quick win Yes

Macon-Bibb Zoning Map

macon, zoning, parcel, map, gis Yes Formal Project Launch

MTA Bus Map

bus, macon, map, gis, transit, buses Yes User Testing & Iteration

SMS Bus App

bus, sms, app Yes MVP Design & Development

iPhone Bus System Map App

bus, iphone, app Yes MVP Design & Development

Business Licensing (Macon)

business licence, small business Yes MVP Design & Development

City App (Macon)

iphone, app, tourism Yes Project Description

Vacant property map and buying guide (currently untitled)

mapping, blight, property, vacancy, real estate, foreclosure Yes MVP Design & Development

Heart Macon

macon, ios, ilovemacon Yes MVP Design & Development

Message Macon

sms, open311, seeclickfix Yes User Testing & Iteration

SPLOST Visualizer

budget, visualization, wordpress Yes MVP Design & Development
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Macon Code Across America: A Day of Civic Innovation - Macon 15 02/25/12 Join Macon's Code for America team in a community f
Macon Code for America Community Forum 8 03/15/12 Held an open community meeting in City Council Cham

New Event
  • Macon: GridMapper for Emergency Management: Visiting the Emergency Management Agency (EMA) in June, we worked to add Bing aerial maps to the grid map, changed interface details, and added a login system to allow a public interface separate from the EMA's main system.
  • Macon: Macon-Bibb Zoning Map: When I was visiting the local Planning and Zoning Department to talk about business licensing, they mentioned the county's new zoning and parcel maps. They also had put the municipal code with each zone's regulations online. The director said it would be great if they could put it all together, "maybe one day in the far future, when we have all of this technology" or something to that effect. MVP:
  • Macon: In our first week in Macon, we were invited to a meeting with the Fire Department. The deputy fire chief and our IT contact told us that only 3 of 19 fire stations had internet access. They also needed to borrow a firefighter's iPhone to get internet access in the field on their ToughBook laptop. Getting internet access would be a crucial step towards digitizing fire department records and communications, as well as improving access to online classes and hazardous waste / fire response resources. By the end of the month, our IT contact reported that all of the fire stations had internet access. This was possible because the ISP was already providing cable TV to all stations. Unfortunately... not all have computers.
  • Macon: GridMapper for Emergency Management: The director of the Macon-Bibb Emergency Management Agency (EMA) came to our first meeting with print-outs of last year's CfA projects. He asked us if we could create a color-coded grid map, on the internet for citizens to see. A rectangular grid was ready the next day, and future meetings made it possible to match their county-wide map. During a meeting on 2/16, the Operations Director and Director reviewed the MVP and suggested adding fire districts and city wards. Later we added city wards and an archiving system