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Introduced city's Media Team to Twitter

quick win Yes

Skillshare with HR dept

quick win Yes

Spearheaded streamlining of city's social media accounts

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Yes User Testing & Iteration

Public Art Finder - Honolulu

Yes Formal Project Launch

Route view

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Yes Formal Project Launch

Social Media Handbook

twitter, social media, guide book, facebook, flickr, youtube, handbook, guidebook, tumblr Yes Formal Project Launch

Honolulu Answers

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Native Hawaiian Stories

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Team Name Attendance Event date Url Description
Honolulu CityCamp Honolulu 120 12/03/11 http://citycamphnl.govfresh.com/ http://citycamphnl.govfresh.com/city-camp-honolulu/
Honolulu Pau Hana 25 02/09/12 http://cfa-geekpauhana.eventbrite.com/ An informal discussion with people from the city go
Honolulu Unconferenz 90 02/25/12 http://unconferenz.com We presented a session at the unconferenz focused o
Honolulu CfA Speaks at the Box Jelly 40 02/21/12 Jen and Tim spoke about Code for America and Govern
Honolulu Guest speaker at KCC 15 02/28/12 Spoke to a class on Law and Government at Kapiolani
Honolulu Spoke at an ICS graduate class @ UH Manoa 10 02/29/12 Talked about Code for America at a graduate level c
Honolulu Conversation at a Futures Studies class 10 02/29/12 Spoke about Code for America then had a very engagi
Honolulu ThinkTechRadio 5 02/29/12 http://thinktechhawaii.com/thinktech-radio.html Talked about Code for America on one of Think Tech
Honolulu Office Hours at R&D Bookstore 5 02/24/12 Informal office hours at the co-working space/coffe
Honolulu HPR radio interview 3 02/29/12 http://www.hawaiipublicradio.org/content/code-america-comes-honolulu Another reporter from Hawaii Public Radio interview
Honolulu Geeks on DaBus 04/12/12 http://dabusapp.com More info on Sheba's blog post at http://codeforame
Honolulu Guests on Bytemarks Café 10 02/22/12 http://www.bytemarkscafe.org/2012/02/24/episode-184-code-for-america-feb-22-2012/ Talked about Code for America on one of Hawaiian Pu
Honolulu Mayor's press conference 20 01/31/12 Mayor's press conference, in which he introduced Cf
Honolulu Honolulu Answers Write-a-thon 07/28/12 http://c4a.me/honolulu-writeathon First ever civic content hackathon. Goal: generate
Honolulu Honolulu Magazine 2 04/04/12 http://www.honolulumagazine.com/Honolulu-Magazine/April-2012/iPhone-Apps-for-a-Better-Honolulu/ Was interviewed at the end of the Feb residency by

New Event
  • Honolulu: Twitter education: Thanks to Lauren Reid, we got the City of Honolulu's official Twitter handle changed from @HNL_Info to @HonoluluGov today. #win!
  • Honolulu: City-Community Linkage: The City's Media team is a very traditional, non-innovative team that focuses mostly on press releases in the newspaper. I decided to advocate for a new media strategy to help the city better communicate to citizens all the good work it does. To this end, I arranged for a meeting between Jim Fulton, the city's Media Director, and Tara Coomans, the head of the Social Media Club (a group outside the city), as well as Burt Lum (who straddles both city employment and the tech community outside the city). Having Tara help Jim lay out his goals and the first 5 steps towards achieving them was great. Jim didn't even know Burt, which was a great double linkage. Now Burt and Tara will be working on a social media campaign (for free) for the newly launched Da Bus app (made by 2 of the city's employees) to demonstrate to Jim some of the civic engagement that is possible to achieve on a low budget. It was a great feeling when Jim said to Burt that they should stay in touch. Update: Forest presented the social media campaign to the City Cabinet, who received it enthusiastically. This has now led to the Geeks on DaBus event: http://codeforamerica.org/2012/04/09/hnl-social-media/
  • Honolulu: I helped Louisa Tei in the Customer Service Dept for the City of Honolulu implement a quick little phone tree (e.g., "press 1 for motor vehicle registration..."). The city's information phone line (768-4385) has seen an 85-95% reduction in incoming calls requiring conversation with the city's information staff. Callers can now press a single digit that transfers them to the relevant service. Previously, ALL calls went to the city's information staff. Mary Jen in the city's Dept of IT was quick to implement this change, which targets the most frequently asked questions. As a result, the city's information staff is able to use their expertise to answer more complex questions. One happy thing about this little win is that it wasn't a project anyone considered worth focusing on (other than myself, Gordon Bruce, and Louisa Tei). I'm so glad Louisa stuck with me through it, because the 85-95% reduction is way more than we'd foreseen!
  • Honolulu: In one of our first meetings with the Director and Deputy Director of the Department of Design and Construction, we were talking about opening up data from their department. We ran into skepticism and curiosity about how Open Data can be beneficial. We gave them the pothole example saying that citizens complain about potholes all the time but if you open up the data about where they are and the individual citizen can see that there are thousands of potholes, it creates awareness that there are many problems to fix in addition to "their pothole." At this point in the meeting, the Deputy Director leans back in his chair and thoughtfully says the word "Transparency." It was as if he'd heard the word before and in that moment had a better understanding of what it meant.