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City IT Dept. Skills and Interests Survey

quick win Yes

Skill Share

quick win Yes

Youth Sleuths - History Museum Crowdsourcing Platform

quick win Yes

Santa Cruz Open Data Catalog Prototype

quick win Yes

Bike Lockers

quick win Yes

Parks and Rec Google map

quick win Yes

Special Events forms

quick win Yes

City Camp planning Santa Cruz

citycamp Yes

Online bicycle licensing and registration


Santa Cruz ITD Capacity Building

training, capacity, sustainability Yes Project Enhancements

Textizen Santa Cruz

mobile, citizen engagement Yes Formal Project Launch

Open Data Adoption Toolkit

Yes MVP Design & Development

Santa Cruz Open Data Project

open data Yes Project Enhancements


webapp Yes User Testing & Iteration

City Hall Campus Map

quick win Yes
Team Name Attendance Event date Url Description
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz CfA Press Conference 30 02/01/12 Approximately 30 people, including representatives
Santa Cruz CityCamp Santa Cruz 2012 31 02/25/12 Our CityCamp was a hackathon-style event focusing o
Santa Cruz Cruzio Bounce Hour 12 02/16/12 Cruzio, a technology coworking space and ISP in San
Santa Cruz Geeks Dinner 40 02/16/12 The Santa Cruz Geeks (technologist affinity group)
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Rotary Club Luncheon 120 03/02/12 I had the opportunity to speak for about 25 minutes
Santa Cruz Meetup with Center for Data and Democracy 7 03/01/12 Met with Professor Sacks and 2 grad assistants from

New Event
  • Santa Cruz: City Camp planning Santa Cruz: When Ruthie and I met with Scott to plan the citycamp, there was a question of what the venue was like. Ruthie suggested we walk over to the venue (NextSpace). While there we met with the founder Iris who turned out to have extensive community resources. Scott had never been NextSpace and never met Iris. On the walk back he thanked Ruthie and said he should leave city hall more and talk to ppl more.
  • Santa Cruz: In Santa Cruze there is a 5% admission Tax per a ticket sold. This fee is supposed to be applied to yoga casses and gym memberships. The rule is not enforced but people are told about the law and told they must comply. In our research everyone in city hall thinks this tax is harsh. It was brought up to Peter. He said he would bring it before city council and try to get the code altered to exclude fitness.
  • Santa Cruz: City Hall Campus Map: Working on the map at the onset was a great way to get to know Santa Cruz
  • Santa Cruz: Bike Lockers: Crystal said she was inspired that I was able to get a color chosen let alone 4 bikes painted.