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Show MailChimp to Planning Commission

quick win Yes

Internal Site for Working Group

quick win Yes

Public Release of GIS Data: Police Sectors, Districts, and Divisions

quick win Yes

Lightweight City Websites

quick win Yes

Bring Philly transit apps to more users

quick win Yes

Vacant property map and buying guide (currently untitled)

mapping, blight, property, vacancy, real estate, foreclosure Yes MVP Design & Development


Yes Formal Project Launch


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Team Name Attendance Event date Url Description
Philadelphia TedxPhilly 300 11/08/11 TEDxPhilly is a unique, one-day multi-disciplinary
Philadelphia Code Across America Civic Hackathon 70 02/25/12 Awesome civic hackathon, with huge attendance inclu
Philadelphia Next American City Panel 30 02/29/12 Meet and greet/panel discussion at Diana Lind's sto
Philadelphia Code for America Hello Happy Hour 45 02/07/12 Hello happy to introduce ourselves to all the aweso
Philadelphia Code for America Send-off Happy Hour 20 03/01/12 A send-off happy hour to say goodbye (for now) to a
Philadelphia Girl Geek Dinners CfA Happy Hour 20 02/23/12 A happy hour thrown for us by Girl Geek Drinks Phil
Philadelphia UNDP Webinar 10 07/10/12 Webinar on Textizen with UNDP Bratislava
Philadelphia Iconothon 0 Plans are underway to sponsor an Iconothon in Phila
Philadelphia Iconothon 0 Plans are underway to sponsor an Iconothon in Phila

New Event
  • Philadelphia: Neighborhow: After launch of Neighborhow promo site, two articles in local news.
  • Philadelphia: The winning team from our hackathon developed an application that exposes newly available information about lobbyist activities in Philadelphia. When we met with Desiree (Communications Director), we told her about the application. She said that the city's Ethics Board would be interested in sponsoring the application and driving it forward. So this app from the hackathon might find a sustainable home. Yay!
  • Philadelphia: Our city contact arranged a meeting for us with the Chief Customer Service Officer (Catie), the Office of Arts, Culture, and Creative Economy (Moira), and the Office of Education (Travis). During the conversation, it turned out that Catie and Moira were both working on projects that involved the same local park. They were completely surprised by this, even though they work in offices next door to each other. We didn't really do anything here - we were simply the catalysts for these 2 women to attend the same meeting and talk. A good example of how information and projects are sometimes siloed so that people don't know other people who are working on the same topic.
  • Philadelphia: We connected the folks in the Mayor's office of Arts, Culture and the Creative Economy who have data they want published, with the GIS office in IT who have the infrastructure and skills.
  • Philadelphia: This year Temple University began a new program called "Urban Apps and Maps," a joint program through the Business School and the Geography and Urban Studies department. Urban Apps and Maps hosted the university's 2nd Design Challenge week while we were in Philadelphia. During the Design Challenge, students observe the area around the university, develop problem statements, and design potential solutions to solve those problems. The director of the Urban Apps and Maps program had met with 2011 CfA Fellows last year and asked us to be involved in the Design Challenge this year. We attended the event and mentored/advised students as they were developing their solutions and app ideas. The Urban Apps and Maps director attended our hackathon on 2/25. He presented the top 3 ideas from the Design Challenge. One of the hackathon teams chose to work on one of those ideas (vacant properties). Also one of the Design Challenge students came to our hackathon because he was inspired to keep working on his ideas. The Urban Apps and Maps program LOVES CfA. They want CfA to come back during the summer to work on campus with 2 different programs.
  • Philadelphia: During meetings OIT and Mayor's Office staffers, they mentioned that an open data proclamation was on the mayor's desk for review, but had stalled. We weren't sure what to do next. Fast forward to the hackathon, where Mayor Nutter made a surprise appearance. He toured each working group, got demos, and excitedly asked his Director of Communications: "People just... sit there and make things?" Director: "Yes." Mayor: "How do we get more of that?" Director: "Well, there's a proclamation on your desk." Mayor: "Oh, is that what that is? I'll read that now."