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Story: This year Temple University began a new program called "Urban Apps and Maps," a joint program through the Business School and the Geography and Urban Studies department. Urban Apps and Maps hosted the university's 2nd Design Challenge week while we were in Philadelphia. During the Design Challenge, students observe the area around the university, develop problem statements, and design potential solutions to solve those problems. The director of the Urban Apps and Maps program had met with 2011 CfA Fellows last year and asked us to be involved in the Design Challenge this year. We attended the event and mentored/advised students as they were developing their solutions and app ideas. The Urban Apps and Maps director attended our hackathon on 2/25. He presented the top 3 ideas from the Design Challenge. One of the hackathon teams chose to work on one of those ideas (vacant properties). Also one of the Design Challenge students came to our hackathon because he was inspired to keep working on his ideas. The Urban Apps and Maps program LOVES CfA. They want CfA to come back during the summer to work on campus with 2 different programs.

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