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Story: The short: our app helped Wayne State University students survey 9,000+ properties in Detroit quickly and accurately. A group of Wayne State University urban planning students will present a final report to stakeholders and the campus community following their City of Detroit surveying project. The project, titled Detroit CLICS (Commercial Land Inventory City Study), conducted by a group of 19 WSU students, addressed the lack of data pertaining to the use and condition of commercial parcels in the city, as well as inconsistencies between the use of many of these parcels, Detroit Zoning Ordinance and the city’s current Master Plan. ... Commercial land, consisting of 9,558 parcels (2950.5 acres or 4.61 square miles), was surveyed using a web-based smart phone application built by Code for America to collect data. This technology has the potential to be useful and accessible to city governments and community groups looking to conduct similar inventories in the future. The survey data and the student’s recommendations will be fed into the on-going Detroit Works Project.

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