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Team: 5

Story: #artATX interactive art show web app for the people's gallery. We had a meeting with Council Member Laura Morrison and she suggested doing something to work with the annual art show: The People's Gallery, the largest and best collection of local work she knew about in Austin. Together we decided to move forward with a twitter based project to allow people to tweet about and link back to their favorite pieces, as well as display the tweets coming through downstairs at the entrance by hashtag. In moving forward, we got lots of resistance from the department putting on the art show. After three meetings and them saying no 3 times, our city contact Doug essentially pulled rank on them. They came up to his office and we hashed out their concerns... the largest of which was "will these comments be on the internet forever?" only to be followed up by a realization that they didn't understand twitter in the slightest. (Big "ah-ha" moment for me.) Once all was explained they were filled with excitement at the potential and want to utilize it in the future. Lesson for team Austin: start at the beginning of the story, and explain everything.

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