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Story: I helped Louisa Tei in the Customer Service Dept for the City of Honolulu implement a quick little phone tree (e.g., "press 1 for motor vehicle registration..."). The city's information phone line (768-4385) has seen an 85-95% reduction in incoming calls requiring conversation with the city's information staff. Callers can now press a single digit that transfers them to the relevant service. Previously, ALL calls went to the city's information staff. Mary Jen in the city's Dept of IT was quick to implement this change, which targets the most frequently asked questions. As a result, the city's information staff is able to use their expertise to answer more complex questions. One happy thing about this little win is that it wasn't a project anyone considered worth focusing on (other than myself, Gordon Bruce, and Louisa Tei). I'm so glad Louisa stuck with me through it, because the 85-95% reduction is way more than we'd foreseen!

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