User: 20


Team: 7

Story: At our hackathon, one team worked to create a mobile website for a local public health non-profit, 504HealthNet. The organization's executive director, Lindsay Ordower, made a plea to the tech community at our kickoff to help her make information about free and low-cost health clinics more readily available to citizens from their mobile phones, and a determined team of 5 quickly assembled around her. Lindsay explained that while many NOLA citizens without health insurance do not have reliable access to the internet via a computer, a large percentage do have web-enabled mobile phones, which would allow for much quicker and more widespread distribution of this valuable information than her current paper booklets can provide. The team got straight to work and made great headway, presenting a working MVP at the end of the day, which allows users to search for health clinics in their area by location and insurance accepted. Results are ranked in order of distance from the user, and each includes a prominently-featured "Call" button to encourage users to follow through and take advantage of the services available to them.

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