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Story: When meeting with the Chief Procurement Officer for the City of Detroit, Andre DuPerry, as well as his Director of Purchasing, Boysie Jackson, the topic of competitive bids came up. Currently Detroit's government has a problem with BIDs getting too few vendors. This encourages using the same vendors over and over again, driving costs up, and encouraging corruption. The purchasing team also described how different departments will team up on contracts that cover more than one area, i.e., instead of three contracts for gas for different departments with the same vendor, make it one big contract; as well as a history of attending purchasing trade conferences nationally to see what other cities are doing. Through these conversations came a desire to be able to post BIDs/RFPs/RFQs online to open them up to a wider audience. This in turn would allow Detroit to engage more directly with other cities' best practices around vending and contracts, and drive down the cost of contracts and vendors through competitive BIDs at a national scale.

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