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Story: Connecting our city contact to other people she might not have engaged with was a somewhat unintended benefit to our events and organizing efforts. Karla Henderson is an executive administrator under Mayor Bing. She had some preconceptions around the work of D3, Jerry Paffendorf (Loveland Tech) and Vince Mazzola of, among civic "hacker" types working in Detroit. Through attending our events and engaging with these types in a less formal setting (and workshop atmosphere), she indicated to us, "I'm here because of you guys." meaning that she wouldn't have been in the room had it not been for CfA. She also indicated we had an uncanny ability to "rise above" all the politics and expose her to people who she otherwise wouldn't have met with. Information was exchanged, and although partnerships may not blossom overnight, it was important both for her and groups like D3 to listen to distinct (at times competing) interests.

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