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Story: City complaints are received by the City of Detroit in a multitude of channels. 311 is the minority channel -- many other areas -- City Council staff desks, city ombudsmen, The Mayor's Office and specific departments all receive information and city service requests on a regular basis. All of these different desks manage requests differently. Some have excel spreadsheets, some don't keep track, some use the 311 complaint management system, and some have had their own complaint tracking systems built. In the latter case, there is one currently under development in Councilwoman Jenkin's office called "Jenkin's Case." When meeting with City Council in Detroit, we were in dialogue with the young, tech-savvy staff under City Council President Charles Pugh on a regular basis. We had a great meeting letting the Council President's staff what we had observed and pointed to the possibility for streamlining at least the City Council's request systems across the board (making Jenkins' Case the standard). They want to do this and are eager to eliminate redundancies toward providing constituents with better "customer service."

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