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Project: 42

Team: 9

Story: One evening Team Detroit decided to take public transportation along with a DDOT transportation analyst and a legendary Detroit-based transportation cartographer. Detroit has a history of unreliable bus service, cold weather and long waits. There is currently no way to find out a) what time the bus is coming b) if its on time or not, and c) there are no route maps on the bus stops. We briefly engaged with a typical rider, a young woman who shared with us her daily reality -- giving herself a 2.5 hour buffer in order to take two buses to get to work. A bus ride that she'd missed 7 times already due to poor service and no way to tell her boss at Walmart that she would be late/miss work that day. She has a cell phone, much like most Detroiters (FCC says 105% cell phone penetration rate) with SMS access. This experience and many like it pushed us further to want to implement an SMS-integrated Real-time bus data alert system. Onward!

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