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Team: 5

Story: Getting the 311 group on our side. We contacted the 311 group before our residency and were told they couldn't meet until upgrading their system. After a few followups, then having an Assistant City Manager and the City Communications Director contact them, we had an hourlong meeting which included the 311 Director, a few of his project managers, the city's data portal lead (from the web, not 311, department) and Motorola (311 vendor). We discussed the open311 spec and how to implement it; Motorola would have to enable the Connected Bits module in the city's system. We went over examples of apps built from 311 data, discussed concerns that 311 and departments would have (security, standardization, etc.) and next steps forward. Matt Esquibel, the city's data portal lead, highlighted Baltimore's open data and 311 apps approach which uses the same Motorola platform and Socrata data portal. We felt like we won over the 311 team by the end of the meeting and set up next steps to keep things moving toward APIs and apps, beginning with regular dumps of csv's to the city's data portal.

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