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  • Description: Using the Textizen software built by CfA Team Philadelphia this year, we deployed a text message-based polling system in Santa Cruz to help city employees get citizen feedback on a variety of issues. Our first poll involved use of the city-operated tourist trolley service in downtown Santa Cruz. Future polls include the voting-based selection of musical acts and visual art for various downtown cultural and recreation events over the next few months.
  • Impact: By providing opportunities for citizens to submit feedback via text messaging, Santa Cruz is making it easier for citizens' voices to be heard by city government. In addition, mobile-based polls have the potential to target larger numbers of respondents than traditional web-based or landline-based polls.
  • Tags: mobile, citizen engagement


  • Project Description
    Completed On 06-01-12
  • MVP Design & Development
    Completed On 06-05-12
  • Formal Project Launch
    Completed On 06-08-12
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    Coming soon!