Social Media Handbook


  • Description: A guidebook for cities to using social media to better communicate with and engage citizens. Though being created first for Honolulu, the handbook will be applicable to all cities. It's a useful tool for city departments and representatives to leverage the fast and viral power of social media, which can spark civic engagement for free. Other team members: Lauren Reid (staff) & Rob Davis (intern)
  • Impact: Social media helps cities in their core mission of reaching more constituents to more broadly share government information and activities. There are more than 900 million users on Facebook and more than 600 million users on Twitter. It’s the quickest, cheapest way to communicate and interact with your community. The benefits of using social media are clearly evident; you can write in plain language, facilitate use of municipal services, and raise awareness and participation of municipal activities. Social media can also increase government transparency, and allows cities to communicate directly with citizens. Many cities don't know how to make the best use of social media to unlock its real potential. Here's where the guidebook comes in.
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  • Formal Project Launch
    Planned Completion On: 07-31-12
    Coming soon!
    Coming soon!