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  • Description: Working with the Austin 311 department to encourage the release of more and better quality 311 data, along with potential implementation of the Open 311 API and mobile apps. Background doc. We'll be talking to them on 4/4 to discuss next steps. CfA Team Chicago and a PM from Baltimore's 311 team will join the call. All three cities use Motorola's Premier One CSR ticket management software, Chicago is pushing toward Open 311, Baltimore uses the Connected Bits plugin to offer a mobile app. Lots more detail here that's beyond the scope of this message. -4/5 call they had lots of q’s for Chicago and Baltimore, concerns about not creating one-off data warehouses, duplicates, formed working group to discuss mobile strategy, need citizen and departmental expectations, following open gov directive developments citywide. Update 9/12 - we've been told they will begin using the Connected Bits plugin to accept requests for certain service types by the end of the year.
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    Planned Completion On: 09-20-12
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    Coming soon!