Honolulu Answers


  • Description: Easy answers to citizens' questions. Honolulu Answers provides simpler, clearer, faster access to government services and information. As gov.uk puts it, "People begin most internet journeys with search so we’ve designed the site with that in mind. Searches take you straight to the information you need." At the same time, we bubble up the most frequently viewed topics, so the vast majority of users can just click straight to their topic of interest. The clean design and simplified content clarifies rather than confuses, making the site fast and easy to navigate. Like gov.uk, "Quick Answers provide concise answers to popular user questions. Less text, more specific answers." We especially call out Online Services -- tools and transactional pages that enable you to complete tasks online and interact with government. Other team members: Interns Phillip Hale and Joey Cody
  • Impact: Makes city information easy to find by citizens. Leads to citizens being happier and more informed. Saves users time. Saves the city time, manpower, and cost by way of fewer phone calls to its customer service department. Allows the city to field fewer, highly specialized questions and focus on providing great service.
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  • User Testing & Iteration
    Completed On 06-25-12
  • MVP Design & Development
    Completed On 06-18-12
  • Formal Project Launch
    Planned Completion On: 07-28-12
    Coming soon!
    Coming soon!