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  • Description: Sheltr is an easy to use app for individuals and those helping others to find food, shelter, medical and other human needs services in Austin by providing a search interface and map providing (walking, driving, or public transportation) directions, ability to find resources by type and receive text messages and email of locations. The project is based on the Sheltr app built at RHoK Philadelphia in 2011, it is currently also deployed in New Jersey. Future opportunities for this project include integration with existing homeless information management systems (HMIS) to show realtime space availability, building the ability to submit a search request and receive results by text message, upgrading the current text message response feature to include directions, expand the types of available resources, and improving the ability for other cities to deploy Sheltr.
  • Impact: By making the availability and location of resources more easily known, this app aims to contribute to the city's efforts to reduce homelessness.
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  • Formal Project Launch
    Planned Completion On: 08-01-12
  • Project Description
    Completed On 05-15-12
  • MVP Design & Development
    Planned Completion On: 06-01-12
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    Coming soon!