Vacant property map and buying guide (currently untitled)


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  • Description: My goal is to create platform where potential buyers in a given city can view all vacant property currently available for purchase from the local government, as well as allow those potential buyers to select an area where they'd be interested in buying (a street, neighborhood, zip code, etc), and subscribe to receive alerts about upcoming sales in that area. By allowing potential buyers to express interest in a particular area, cities can make more strategic, data-driven decisions regarding which properties to push to sale first, and which to save until a stronger market exists.
  • Impact: Many cities in the US are responsible for managing thousands of vacant and abandoned properties. These properties are a drain on cities' resources, as well as attract crime and and decrease property value and quality of life in the surrounding communities. In most cases, the city’s primary goal is to return these properties into productive use, but city staff often have limited resources and bandwidth to market and publicize properties for sale. I hope to create a simple, lightweight tool to help cities return vacant and foreclosed properties to productive use more quickly and more strategically.
  • Tags: mapping, blight, property, vacancy, real estate, foreclosure


  • MVP Design & Development
    Planned Completion On: 08-15-12