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  • Description: Update 6/23/12: In talks with Civic Sponsor to include funding as part of Neighborhow site. Neighborhow is a civic experiment to collect, celebrate, and share people's knowledge about neighborhood improvement projects. It's the knowledge and best practices they've learned about hosting a block party, organizing a neighborhood cleanup, starting a town watch, and so on. The site can be written or edited by anyone wiki-style. CfA will recruit the first group of writers/editors and train them to recruit for the next group, and so on.
  • Impact: We wish something like Neighborhow was available when we were looking for information about how to beautify the sidewalk outside our office. While we could find information from the city about the forms we needed to fill out, we couldn't find practical how-tos from real people—examples of completed forms approved by the city, example sidewalk designs, lists of plants used, where to buy inexpensive gardening supplies, tips on who to contact for plant or tool donations, and so on. Neighborhow aims to collect this information from people who have already successfully completed neighborhood projects. They've already done the work and the thinking - we just need to collect it from them.
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    Planned Completion On: 07-09-12
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