Online bicycle licensing and registration


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  • Description: A mobile-ready online form that allows bicycle owners to license their bicycles at the point of sale, and register their bicycles at any time.
  • Impact: Santa Cruz'z municipal code states that bicycles ridden in the city need to be licensed, but public awareness is so low that almost nobody -- not even bike shop owners -- has any idea of this requirement. In 2011, only 180 bicycles were registered in the city of Santa Cruz, but over 800 stolen bicycles were recovered. Right now, licensing and registering a bicycle requires that one visit the Finance Department in City Hall, pay a $3 fee (that doesn't cover the city's expense), and fill out a paper form that is manually input twice: once into the Finance Department's record-keeping software, and once into the Police Department's record-keeping software. By eliminating the fee, putting the form online, and integrating it directly with the Police Department's record-keeping software, the city will actually save money on each registration by eliminating the personnel time needed to process the paperwork. By creating a mobile-ready online form, bike shops are able to register bikes for customers who might not know where to find their new ride's serial #. This should increase compliance and also make it more likely for stolen bicycles to be reunited with their owners.
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