Spearheaded streamlining of city's social media accounts


  • Description: Many of Honolulu's city depts have Twitter accounts and FB pages that are unused. I brought Steven Takata (in IT, the person who creates all the Twitter accounts for the city), Louisa Tei (City Information staff, who tweets on behalf of the main city twitter account), and Forest Frizzell together to come up with a streamlined strategy for the city's multiple Twitter accounts and FB pages. After that, I organized an inter-dept meeting on social media (huge turnout! ~30 depts) and co-hosted the meeting with Louisa. Created handouts for the meeting. Got everyone thinking and talking about a consistent social media presence for the city. Forest asked Jane Zeng (DIT designer) to create an infographic that now lives on the honolulu.gov home page (see link) and we've got most of the depts on board.
  • Impact: Streamlined Twitter presence for city + increased Twitter activity by all the depts.
  • Tags: quick win