Bike Lockers


  • Description: I met with James Burr of Public Works head of Parking. We talked at he expressed that what he really wanted was people to take bike to work. He wanted my thoughts on a small sticker he made to bring awareness to the bike lockers. People think they are electric cabinets. I told him I thought it was too small and that we should put a giant bike on the side of the locker. He gave me the green light. I designed an icon and painted 4 bikes. The response was great. I got lots of support and the nick name "bike girl" I met with Denny the city sign designer. He said they had the capability to make giant vinyl sticks in two passes. I got buy in from Denny by talking about the old sign trade & the letterheads club. James assigned Cheryl Schmitt to continue the project. Cheryl is going to work with Denny to bring the signs to the rest the bike lockers.
  • Impact: Awareness to bike lockers. Hopefully wider adoption of them. They are 5 cents an hour and are a service that helps the environment and are a positive and fwd thinking government service. When I was painting the bikes the community was very supportive. "Awesome" "oh thats what that is" "nice overalls" I am excited that Cheryl and Denny are going to take ownership.
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