Show MailChimp to Planning Commission


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  • Description: The Planning Commission was sending out newsletters from their personal email address. They could only send 500 emails at a time and needed to do this after office hours, otherwise the system couldn't accomodate their request. We asked them if they'd ever tried MailChimp or another email newsletter system. They said no, and that they didn't know anything about those sort of systems. We showed them how MailChimp works. And it blew their minds that a free, easy to use tool exists that could simplify their work lives and make their work more efficient.
  • Impact: The Planning Commission will be able to send out communications more quickly than before. Because it is so easy to use, the MailChimp platform may encourage the Planning Commission to communicate more frequently with the public, which is something they would really like to do.
  • Tags: quick win